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Monday, February 6, 2012

See What Others Are Saying About Devil's Bridge

Following the screening at Abertoir, a number of people have written about Devil's Bridge. We thought it would be a good idea to share what others have said about the film, ahead of the official UK release next month.

As well as online reviews, the film's also been mentioned in print. Here's what Scream Magazine #8 had to say about the film:
"Devil's Bridge written, produced and directed by the multi-talented Chris Crow followed. Set in rural Wales it was a privilege to see the world première of a modern classic. I simply adored this movie! At times the cinematography was almost devoid of colour to give it a very bleak feel. Although brutally violent at times, a genuine menacing atmosphere was built throughout with highly plausible characters and a believable scenario as opposed to merely using shocking gore to hold interest. With the cast and crew available for questions after, it was one of those festival events that I will never forget."
Online we've been featured on a number of different sites. There's a full review of the Abertoir Festival at Sex Gore Mutants. They had this to say about the Devil's Bridge première.
"DEVIL’S BRIDGE attracted a big audience because it’s shot in Wales, and it turned out to be a really satisfying film. Essentially another foray into DELIVERANCE territory, it benefits from strong characters and excellent direction. Above all, Joshua Richards as Bill delivers a screen killer so well fleshed out and realistic that he ranks alongside Travis Bickle from TAXI DRIVER and the butcher from I STAND ALONE. I highly recommend it."
Another Abertoir review and their coverage of the film can be read at Blue Print Review. For the record, can we just point out that despite what it says in that review, we're more than happy with our distributors! There was an issue with the version of the film sent out to Abertoir, but that wasn't the Distributor's fault, and we were able to rectify it.

Elsewhere, there's a great review at All Horror Net where we proud to say we got 5 Welsh Flags out of 5 for the film. ;)

Thanks to Caitlyn Downs for the above words, and we were also proud to make it to her Top 10 Horror Films For 2011, along with Chris Crow's other film Panic Button.

And finally, ahead of Abertoir, Nia Edwards-Behi wrote this Advance Review of Devil's Bridge. We'd like to thanks Nia and the rest of the team at Abertoir for their help and welcome at the event.

For those interested there's a gallery of images at Facebook from the screening and the Q&A that followed. We have a video of the event too, but we're saving that for closer to the release date.

If anyone sees a review of the film that we've missed, feel free to drop a comment and let us know where it is!

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